J & D Field

John & Dawn Field

Welcome to Dawn & John Field's contemporary jewellery website. On show (and for sale) are our most recent pieces as well as a selection of the jewellery that we have sold since setting up here in Yorkshire, England in 1988. There are several ranges of contermporary jewellery on display.

The Asymmetrical silver range has developed over the last twenty years and has the main feature of pairing mis-matched pieces. One earring has a stone while the other is balanced by having some brass decoration.

Since leaving college in 1987 I, John Field,  have made a range of one off pieces of jewellery using exotic woods, silver, gold and various other materials. Often one piece of jewellery will open up to reveal another. I also enjoy making stands to display my jewellery.

More recently we have developed the imprint range. Silver sheet is textured using a rolling mill and then punched out using a flypress.

Finally we have a range of bangles, necklaces and earrings incorporating hand carved wooden beads and semi-precious gemstones.